Creating Pitch-Request/Event/Campaign/Task from Idea Lab

Idea Lab uses SEO, social, and share of voice data to provide recommendations on topics that will resonate with your audience and help drive organic traffic to your hub. Now, you may save research in Notepad and create Pitch Requests, Events, Campaigns, and Tasks directly from within Idea Lab by completing the following steps:


You can add a Keyword to the Notepad by clicking the “Add to Notepad” button on the left of each Keyword


From Notepad, select the keyword(s) Click the “Start” button to open a drop-down menu and initiate one of the previously mentioned options.


Once created, icons appear below the keyword to indicate the number of Pitch Requests, Events, Campaigns and Tasks that have been created using that keyword. Click and open an expanded view to know more details and navigate to them if required.

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