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Idea Lab supports domain search functionality where you can research and analyze the top organic keywords of a searched domain, the top social articles that are shared in social media in that domain as well as the domain’s organic competition.

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 Top Organic Keywords


The Top Organic Keywords displays the domain’s most popular keywords excluding the brand name by default. You can toggle the filter and include/exclude additional keywords and search the top organic keywords along with their traffic, search volume, ranking, cpc and opportunity score



 Ranking: The Keyword Rank for the current period that displays the position you would see in a search engine such as Google. The previous period is shown in parentheses. Rankings are updated every 1-4 weeks to reflect any changes on current vs previous positions. 

Traffic: The share of traffic driven to the website for the given keyword in the past 12 months.

Search Volume: The average number of times users have searched for a given keyword per month. This is calculated over the last rolling 12 months. Higher search volumes indicate more audience interest, but also imply more competition.

CPC: CPC is the average price in the selected currency that advertisers pay for a user’s click on an ad triggered by the keyword searched. Typically, the higher the CPC, the more competitive the keyword is.

Opportunity: Opportunity is scored based on the popularity (search volume) and competitiveness (CPC) of keywords. For example, keywords that are popular but not competitive will have greater opportunity. Creating content about high-opportunity keywords will likely result in better search rankings.


Top Social Articles in ‘’


The Top social articles panel shows the most trending articles in that website sorted by the total shares in all social channels in descending order. The channels that are shown are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Reddit.


Website Competition


The Website Competition table shows the most commonly searched keywords and traffic of organic competitors for the domain searched and the big blocks highlight the common keywords for the managed competitors. The managed competitors can be set from the Strategy Settings page.


Strategy Settings Page


In the Strategy Settings page, you can set your own domain and your managed competitors. You can set at most 4 competitors.



Keyword Rank Analysis


The Keyword Rank Analysis table shows which keywords your own domain and your competitors domain rank for in organic search. You can filter the rank of competitor domains or add a whole new set of domains. You can cross out the selected domains from the above table as well. By default, the competitors are set in the Strategy Settings page. The first domain indicates your own domain. You can view additional information of like the Search Volume, CPC and Opportunity using the Customize Columns option. By default, it is sorted by highest Search Volume of the keywords.



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