Share Of Voice

What is Share of Voice?

Share of Voice gives you the complete set of competitors for ranking on key topics so you can target the right keywords in your metadata and win the battle for organic traffic. Track who else is ranking for valuable keywords, identify the gaps in content that are impacting SERP position, and determine the strategic and tactical plan to leap over the competition.


How does it work?

In order to calculate the share of voice for a particular keyword, we first identify the organic competitors for that keyword. We already have your own domain and managed competitors (the domains whom you have saved as your managed competitors) in our Strategy Settings page. We then fetch the raw traffic value for the keywords in all of the domains which include own, managed competitors and organic/natural competitors.


The result is then displayed in a chart representation as below:



Keyword Searched: Running shoes



The above chart shows the share of voice/traffic percentage occupied by the top 5 natural competitors explicitly. The “Other” percentage includes managed competitors, own domains and the remaining natural competitors.


The above chart shows the raw traffic value of the managed competitors as well as own domain. The first domain always indicates the own domain.Screenshot_2018-10-30_at_12.32.19_PM.png





We also display a detailed view of all the domains where the keyword occupies traffic.

  • The Organic traffic is the raw traffic value of that keyword in the domain.
  • The bold domains indicate your own domain and managed competitors.




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