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About NewsCred

We are a content marketing company, offering a one-stop-shop for enterprise companies. We focus on three offerings:

  1. Our software (Content Marketing Cloud), which allows collaboration, planning, content creation, curation, and publishing of content. Our analytics gives insight into ROI for each piece of content.
  2. Our Advisory services, which is a consulting service that helps our customers plan and execute content marketing programs.
  3. Our Content offering. We create content for our customers, but we also have an incredibly robust library of content that can be syndicated.

How we package syndicated content

We syndicate our publishing partners’ content through our Content Marketplace. Customers license a monthly publishing cadence (usually 10 or 20 articles/month) and they can curate content from any publishers in Marketplace.

Some customers know they want to publish a particular title at a higher frequency and they can then syndicate that tile as Marketplace Premium, which is a fee on top of Marketplace and the volume for that title doesn’t count towards their Marketplace volume.

How we pay publishers

We typically pay publishers monthly for Marketplace Premium and quarterly for Marketplace.

Marketplace rewards publishers for every article they have published through the Content Marketplace in a given month. We have a Provider payment pool and we divide that up by the total articles published, yielding a price-per-article. Publishers are then paid for the articles they are responsible for.

Marketplace Premium, because it’s a fee on top of Marketplace, is paid out monthly to publishers during the length of the customer’s contract.

Other products

We have a couple of other products that are not available to all publishers, defined below.

  1. Japanese Marketplace - NewsCred has partnered with Amana and Dentsu to bring content marketing to Japan. They have asked for a few titles to populate their Marketplace and hope to grow demand to add more publishers.
  2. Intelligence API - Intelligence API customers do big-data analysis on our pipeline of content to identify patterns and insights they then sell to their customers. They do not have permission to publish the content, just determine metadata they share.  

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