Linkedin Elevate Guide

1.Create a LinkedIn Elevate Feed at `social-accounts` page.

2. Now a `LinkedIn Elevate` button will appear at task page's `Share` section

3. The `LinkedIn Elevate` widget has the similar functionality like other SMM widget eg. Sprinklr widget

4. Like other SMM widget, user is able to do the following at `LinkedIn Elevate` widget
             a. Change description for the article.
             b. Add image / video to the post if already not there
             c. Change the article URL
             d. Schedule the post for a particular time

5. Finally after the post gets published, users can export the feed using `Export` button at `social-accounts` page. Users can also use the RSS endpoint to export articles to `LinkedIn Elevate` page.


6. What happens inside LinkedIn Elevate?

Extra: All things Linkedin Elevate

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