Add, Delete and Move Folders


You can save your images, videos or files like .pdf .mp3 etc on folders under assets. To access assets folder go to Content library and then access the View assets folder.



Add a folder

To add a folder click on the "Add Folder" option located in the top right corner. A message box will appear asking you for a name for the folder you are about to create. Type in the name and hit Create.

The folder will appear in the list. The list will be arranged according to the last modification date of the item.



We have the options to move these folders, stories, images, files or videos to other folders. To move or to delete these folders you will need to select them first by clicking the checkbox on the left.

After clicking the checkboxes you will see the move/delete option located on the top right corner will become clickable. 




Delete an item

To delete an item select it by clicking the checkbox on its left and hit delete from the top right corner.



Move items

To move items select them and click . You will be shown all available folders in that section. For example, in my  Story section, I have the following folders: 


I want to move "Rashed's folder" and "Rubayeet's" in the "New Folder".



It is not possible to move the folders or items in stories section to any other sections such as Videos or Files. Items in the stories section can only be moved within folders of stories section. 


It is possible to move the folders back to the original folder from subfolders. The process is same.



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