NewsCred for Sales Analytics Data Documentation

What is NewsCred for Sales Analytics?

NewsCred for Sales Analytics provide detailed engagement data of the widget and the content consumed through the widget for analysis. The data is aggregated for both salesforce contact as well as content perspective to assist in accurate interpretation and analysis.

How to access NewsCred for Sales Analytics?

To access the analytics data, an user will have to sign into Salesforce with their credentials and navigate to the ‘Accounts’ tab.

From the Accounts tab, the user can navigate to select the required instance.

What does the data on NewsCred for Sales Analytics mean?

NewsCred for Sales Analytics mainly comprises of three different tabs-

  1. Engagement
  2. Contacts
  3. Contents


The Engagement Tab provides a birds-eye view of the usage data for Contacts, Unique Content and Click Through Rate (CTR) which are classified for different levels of designation of the contacts in columns.

The Contacts Row in the above table represents the number of contacts who has received the content with respect to the total number of contacts.


Unique Content refers to the number of distinct content sent to individual contacts.

For example, if Content X is sent to all contacts then the total column will display ‘1’ and all other columns will show ‘1 of 1’  value (since Content X has been sent to every level). Afterwards, if another Content Y is sent to only Director Level then the total column will show ‘2’ (since 2 distinctive contents have been sent), the Director Level column will show ‘2 of 2’ (since both Content X and Y has been sent to this level) and the remaining columns will show ‘1 of 2’ (since these groups only received Content X).


The Click-Through-Rate (CTR) is defined as the number of clicks that content receives divided by the number of times content has been sent to the contacts. It is calculated based on the below formula-

CTR = Content Viewed / Content Sent



The Contacts tab provides an overview of the contents sent to specific users and details on whether or not the content was read along with the timestamp of view.



The user can use the icon beside the name of each contact to go to the contact page where they can send content to that contact.


The Contents Tab shows the level of contacts who has received specific contents.



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