Adding a Published Article to Social-only Workflows

Users want to share already published articles to Social-Media-Management(SMM) channels such as Sprinklr or Hearsay, customizing each copy when sharing.

Before the addition of this feature, there was no way to add published licensed articles to a workflow for social publishing.

Step 1:
Create a Quick Share task or a task with a workflow that has NO choose-article action step. A workflow having no option to select a licensed article or create an original article makes the workflow a social-only workflow. This prerequisite is a must in order for the new button to show up in the task.

Quick Share:





Step 2:
Click on the Add Published Article button to open up the modal that will show a list of published articles.


Step 3:
Click on the Choose Article button located besides the desired article to have that article added to the task.


Step 4:
Select a social channel from the social picker below and share the task when required.

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