Why integrate directly to the NewsCred CMP?

The NewsCred CMP can integrate directly through Wordpress, through a feed, and via copy/paste. However, the NewsCred CMP is optimized to integrate directly with Wordpress sites. Here is an outline of why your program should consider directly integrating:

Operational Efficiency

    • saves the team significant operational time, ultimately making the process more efficient
    • decreases the time-to-publish content, facilitating flexibility in your program's publishing cadence
  • Analytics
    • Facilitates analytics success, helping you better understand your audiences' behavior and validate the customer journey
    • Lays the foundation for labels/content personalization
    • Cohort analysis via labels, allowing for deep dives into specific audience segments as the program matures
  • Risk + User Error
    • Reduces risk + user error which can arise with the copy/paste work-around alternative
  • Governance
    • Ensures content reaches the website by a single, approved channel allowing for oversight in the content marketing program
    • Facilitates consistency across platforms
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