How to Create a Task

Tasks allow you to publish your content on your site or in feeds or in your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. There are 4 ways to create your task.

From option

This option is available on the top of every page in the CMP. Click on the icon and a drop-down will appear that will have all your workflows needed to create your tasks. We have some stock workflows for you but you can create your own workflows from



From Marketplace

Our Marketplace holds all the licensed contents from different sources that are available to you. Click on a content and at the bottom of the window, you will see the option . Clicking on it will bring up a list of all available workflows. Select your desired workflow for your task.


 From Stories

Stories or original contents that you create for your blog also have the Start workflow option. Click on a story and a pane will appear on the right. At the top of that pane you will have the option available to you. 


 From Calander

CMP's calendar will also allow you to create tasks for upcoming dates. This is really helpful if you are planning an event or planning ahead.

To do that switch to planning view in Calander and click on a future date. A "Create New..." box will appear that will let you create a task and an event. Just fill out Title, Campaign, and Workflow box then hit "Create task".


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