Content Editor Updates (March 2018)


NewsCred's Content Editor interface was designed as a convenient way to collaborate around approved edits of licensed content and the final stages of original content. As our user base and use cases grew, we received a large volume of feedback around some common pain points - some around basic functionality, user experience and integrations - that we were technologically limited from addressing with the editor we had.

Most of the changes to the Content Editor are enhancements and fixes to minor issues that you encountered while using the prior editor, but here are a few changes worth noting:



UX Changes


Most of our icons should be consistent. They're larger, in grayscale, have more rounded edges and more responsive tooltips, but these are noticeably different:

code.svg: (Source Code) This design replaces the previous button, which simply had the letters "HTML", which could be hard to read for a subset of users.

track-changes.svg: (Track Changes) The prior icon for track changes was blocky, appeared poorly on most modern monitors and could be hard to decipher. 


We've modified the typeface for readability. This won't affect how content appears on your CMS or publishing channel, but it should minimize your eye strain, especially if you need to spend a while in the editor. 

Window Selections


All of the dialog boxes in the text editor have been greatly modernized. Newly inserted links will default to opening in a new tab (by setting target="_blank" on the anchor tags).



Based on feedback we've received, we've also added common keyboard shortcuts that should assist you in your daily tasks. 

Image Editing

An icon previously used to open the "edit Image" dialog box was removed. Instead - you can simply double click on an image to edit dimensions and SEO description. We intend to replace the removed icon with a fully featured image editing tool. 



We're happy to do our best to respond to your feedback and improve your experience when using our platform. As always, don't hesitate to reach out to with your thoughts. 

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