Javascript Snippet FAQ: NewsCred Analytics

What makes NewsCred’s JavaScript snippet different from my current analytics stack (i.e. GA or Omniture)?

NewsCred’s analytics are unique in the fact that they are content-centric. This means that they are able to glean more granular, meaningful insights from your content in a way that typical site analytics cannot. It offers more visibility and better data for you to continue to make the best decisions for your content marketing performance.


Will this be a heavy lift for my development team?

No. All it takes is a small script in the header of your article pages. Our technical services team is always ready to field any questions your tech or security teams might have.


Is this going to cause a conflict with my Google Analytics?

No. We actually believe that GA and NewsCred’s analytics complement each other and should not be seen as adversarial in any way. In any decision making process, we are firm in our belief that more data is better. In addition, we have a technology services team readily available to help you find synergies between the two for

optimal results.


Are there any security concerns?

NewsCred is SOC2 compliant and works with some of the world’s largest and most highly regulated companies. Our team of technical specialists is always on-hand to address any concerns your IT team might have.


Are there site speed concerns?

Initial page load should not be impacted by placing the script in the header. However, if your team has multiple scripts in the header, the script can also be placed in the footer with little to no impact on load time or tracking.


Can this be integrated into my current stack or does it have to live within the NewsCred CMP?

Our Advisory Services team is ready to work with your existing analytics platforms to build a comprehensive view that includes insights around your site as a whole. If you’re using Google Analytics, please reach out to your NewsCred representative about building a unified dashboard.


Do the analytics only apply to articles? Or are there other formats that can be measured?

We track engagement for each page containing content, which includes any format. For video, we currently support YouTube only. Please speak with our Advisory Services team about video metrics in more detail. 


Does this cost me anything extra?

No. NewsCred considers the NewsCred Intelligence Snippet to be a core part of our offering. It requires minimal resources and effort to drastically enhance both your experience as a customer and our ability to deliver a world-class content marketing program rooted in data-driven expertise.

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