Ideating using Idea Lab and Notepad Features

What is Idea Lab?

Idea Lab uses SEO and social share data to provide recommendations on topics that will resonate with your audience and drive organic traffic.

Optimize your content for search by integrating data-driven insights into your regular ideation and planning process to create content that:

  • Gives you the best opportunity to rank high in search results
  • Answers relevant questions your audience is asking
  • Builds an audience that is more likely to convert


Recommended Keywords

This section expands the topics you might want to consider while planning your editorial calendar.

Using the Targeted Keywords you have saved in the Strategy section of the CMP (and appear in the section below), Idea Lab recommends additional related keywords that offer the best opportunity to rank highly in search results and drive traffic.

The opportunity ranking balances the competitiveness and search volume of each recommended keyword.


 There are a few actions you can take when hovering over the keyword and clicking on the ellipse "...". 


  • Research Keyword - expand your research on the selected keyword

  • Save to Notepad - save your research to review later

  • Explore Licensed Content - search for Licensed Content in Content Explorer to find relevant content around the selected keyword

  • Hide This Recommendation - there may be certain keywords that are not relevant to your research. Easily hide them with this action and they will be hidden for your entire organization. New recommendations will populate for every hidden keyword. 


What's Search Volume?

Search Volume reports the average number of monthly searches for a keyword over the past 12 months. Higher search volumes indicate more audience interest in that topic but also implies more competition to rank highly in Google search results for the keyword.


What's CPC?

CPC is the average price that advertisers have paid for a keyword over the last 12 months.Typically, the higher the CPC, the more competitive it is to rank highly in organic Google search results for the keyword.


What's Opportunity?

Opportunity quickly indicates the likelihood of your content based on a particular keyword or topic to rank highly in Google search results.

Opportunity is scored based on the popularity (search volume) and competitiveness (CPC) of keywords. For example, keywords that are popular, but not competitive will have greater opportunity. Creating content about high-opportunity keywords will likely result in better search rankings.


What are Targeted Keywords?

Targeted keywords are the broad topics that interest your audience and you want to own as part of your SEO strategy. Idea Lab helps you boost SEO performance for your targeted keywords by recommending related topics for content that build your site authority and offer the best opportunity to rank high in search results.


Explore Now!

Enter a topic or keyword here to get detailed information on the SEO opportunity and receive recommendations for related topics and questions as well as relevant articles that perform well on social media.


Keyword Opportunity

This is a quick overview of the search demand based on Search Volume and CPC. The Opportunity Score quickly indicates the likelihood of your content based on that keyword or topic to rank highly in Google search results.


Keyword Search Seasonal Trend

This timeline displays the last 12 months of monthly search volume to help indicate seasonal changes in interest


Related Keywords

This list can help you discover other keywords or topics that you may want to include or expand on as you create content.


Commonly Asked Questions

Know what your target audience is asking. This list can help you create more engaging content that answers those questions. Click on the questions to view the top Google search results for that question. You can write a different article or build on one of the existing top articles.


What Works on Social

This section provides related articles to your searched keyword that were popular on social. Use them to inspire your own content ideas.

The social share data shows you which social platform the relevant content has been shared on the most. You will likely find better opportunities for your content to stand out in the platforms with low shares.


What is Notepad?  


Notepad allows you to save any ideas (a keyword, a phrase, or research from Idea Lab) into the Notepad wherever, whenever. Click on “Save To Notepad” to save your research. You can locate your Notepad (Notepad Icon/Logo) in the top navigation bar to the right of the search box. The Notepad is personal and only visible to you as the user.


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