How to Create Custom Fields & Pitch Fields

Users with administrator rights can create and add new custom fields and pitch fields from the settings. They are both located under "Fields" option in settings and the process is same for both.


In order to add custom fields:

1. Go to the top right corner and click on the user icon

2. Select 'Fields' from the drop-down options.


3. Click 'Create New Custom Field' to create new fields:


4. To create a new field click on the field you wish to add, in the screenshot here we picked Multi-line Text Field:


5.  Enter your desired 'Field Options' and click 'Save Field' to save changes:


After you have completed the above steps you have successfully added the custom fields and field options. 


Pitch Fields

You can create pitch field's in a similar way. These fields will show up for the users who are submitting pitch requests.

For example, I have following pitch fields set up:


When I go to submit my pitch they will show up at the bottom. 



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