How to add stories

Users can create new stories in the CMP and add it under assets. The stories added in assets can be used in the future to publish quick articles post. In stories section, you can create a new story and save it under assets, where you can use it at any point in the future for publishing quick articles post. 

To create a new story click Add New Story. It will redirect you to the Content Editor. Add the article title, author, etc.

How to add featured images for your story?

In the right-hand side of the content editor, there is an Article Featured Image Box. Once you hover over and click, it will take you to sources of the image.

You can add the featured image for the article from various sources like Licensed Images from our database, from your Favorites, Instagram Images, or your My Images. Also, you can upload the image from your workstation. Once you are done with editing your story hit Save & Close. Now it will appear in Stories section. 

Moreover, you can also move and delete stories by selecting the specific stories and clicking move/delete. 


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