Using the Pitch Manager

The Pitch Manager allows CMP users to easily and effectively request Pitches, communicate with NewsRoom and/or internal writers, manage inbound Pitches, and brainstorm great ideas for content.

From within the Pitch Manager tab in the Content Manager section or the +New button in your header, you can create a new Pitch Request, which includes:

  1. Title (required)
  2. Description: What are the topic(s) you're interested in receiving Pitches about
  3. Story Type: What type and length of article you are requesting
  4. Submission Due Date: Date in which you want to receive all of your Pitches by (no more pitches can be submitted once this date has passed)
  5. Assignees: Selected writers will receive a notification that prompts them to submit Pitches in response to your Pitch Request

Once you create a Pitch Request, you will be directed to the Pitch Request details page where you can see the prompt to your writers on the left hand side and the Pitches that writers have submitted on the right hand side of the page. Along with the writers you assigned to the Pitch Request, all admins and members (not approvers and contributors) can add a Pitch to a Pitch Request!

When you click into one of the submitted Pitches, you can add a comment, Accept, or Decline the Pitch. Each of these actions will send a notification to the writer of the Pitch.

If a Pitch is Accepted, you can start a Workflow to prompt your writer to begin working on the article!

On the resulting Task of an accepted Pitch, you can click Pitch and view the title of the original Pitch, it's description, and story type.

If you did not set a Submission Due Date and you no longer want to receive Pitches for a specific Pitch Request, you can click "Close Request" at the top right of the page.

Finally, if you click on the Pitch Manager tab, you'll see an overview with all of your active and closed Pitch Requests. 

Who can create and view Pitch Requests?

All users besides Approvers and Contributors* can create Pitch Requests. All users will have access to the Pitch Request overview and details pages, but Contributors and Approvers will only be able to see the Pitch Requests they have been assigned to.

*All NewsRoom writers are Contributors

Who can create and view Pitches? 

Contributors and Approvers can only create Pitches on Pitch Requests they are assigned to and can only view their own submitted Pitches.


Please email with any questions or feedback. 

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