How to Use Pitch Manager

Pitch Manager consolidates pitch related tasks into a single location where you can easily view the status of all requests and pitches and seamlessly collaborate with your internal and external writers to request, collect, refine, and assign great new content ideas for production. As a result, you’ll run a more efficient pitch process that generates the exceptional content your program needs to succeed.

To begin creating pitch requests, click on "Content Manager" in the left-hand navigation bar


and then click on the "Pitch Manager" tab at the top of the next page.


Once on the Pitch Manager page, click on the blue "+Pitch Request" button.


Alternatively, you can click "+New" in the CMP header and then choose "Pitch Request" from the dropdown menu.


You will be taken to the "Create New Pitch Request" form. Each new pitch request asks for the following information:

1. Title (required): The theme or topic of your pitch request
2. Description: Additional information and instructions that will help your writers deliver the ideas you want
3. Story Type: Format and length of article you are requesting (e.g., long-form, short-form, FAQ, etc.)
4. Submission Due Date: Date you want to have received all pitches by for a particular request (Pitches can not be submitted after this date)
5. Assignees: Teams or individuals that you want to receive this request. The selected writers will be automatically notified of your new request and prompted to submit their pitches by the due date

Once you create a pitch request, you will be directed to its details page. From here you can review and edit your request and see all pitches submitted by your writers. Along with the writers you assigned to the pitch request, all Admins and Members (not Approvers and Contributors) can add their own pitches to any pitch request.

By clicking on each submission, you can review the details of the pitch, read the comments thread, and add a new one of your own.  After assessing the information you can choose to Accept or Decline the pitch. The creator of the pitch will be automatically notified if the approval status changes or if there is any other feedback.

If a pitch is accepted, you can start a Workflow that will prompt your writer to begin producing the new piece of content.

As result of the pitch being accepted, a new Task will be created for the writer. The Task page provides the author with the capabilities to produce the content as well as all information related to its creation, completion and distribution.

If you did not set a submission due date when you created a pitch request, you can still stop receiving pitches by clicking "Close Request" at the top right of the page.

To view your entire pitch request history at any time click on the Pitch Manager tab. Both active and and completed pitches are available.

Who can create and view Pitch Requests?

All users except for Approvers and Contributors can create pitch requests. All users will have access to the pitch request history and details pages, but Contributors and Approvers will only be able to see the pitch requests they have been assigned to.

Who can create and view Pitches? 

Admins and Members can create a pitch for any pitch request and view all submitted pitches. However, Contributors and Approvers can only create pitches for the pitch requests they are assigned and can only view their own submissions.

Using Custom Fields with Pitch Manager

You can use custom fields with Pitch Manager to ensure that each pitch created by your writers captures all of the information you require.

To create a custom field you'll first need to navigate to the Fields page. To do this click the drop down menu under your initials in the upper right hand corner and click on Fields.


Once on the Fields page, scroll down to the Pitch Fields.


At this point, you'll want to pick the type of field you'd like to use. The options are checkboxes, dropdown, multiple choice, text field, and multi-line text field. 


After choosing the field type you’ll need to label the field. In this example, the field is labeled Audience. Since the Field Type is Checkboxes, four different audience options have been added.


Once completed each new pitch that is created will have the custom field as part of the submission form.


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