Introducing the CMC Pitch Manager for NewsRoom Writers

Hi NewsRoom Writers!

We’re excited to announce the launch of the CMC Pitch Manager! With this new experience, you’ll be able to more easily and effectively pitch ideas, communicate with your clients, and get a better sense of where your proposals stand and how they are being perceived by your clients.

Why We Created Pitch Manager

Using Tasks, the text editor, and comments to manage pitch requests, briefs, and pitches was not an elegant solution for either our clients or our writers. Tasks were sometimes forgotten about and it was difficult for you guys to keep track of the work you were submitting. Our goal with the Pitch Manager is to make this process as seamless as possible. 

When Will My Clients Begin Using Pitch Manager?

We will begin onboarding CMC users onto the Pitch Manager towards the beginning of August with the goal of every one of our clients replacing Task-based pitch requests with the Pitch Manager within the next couple of months. 

Please be patient with us as this is a major workflow change. Some of your clients may be using the Pitch Manager at the same time others are still transitioning. As always, please contact with any questions or concerns!

What is Changing?

Previously, the process for submitting a pitch had to fit into the constraints of our normal Task page. This did not allow for effective communication, organization, and execution on either your end or the client’s side.

With the Pitch Manager, we’ve consolidated these steps into a MUCH simpler process. Now:

You’ll receive an email notification telling you that you’ve been assigned a new Pitch Request, with a link to view the Pitch Request

Once on the Pitch Request, you can review the details of the request and submit a Pitch for your client to review. You can add as many Pitches to the request as you like!

Once you submit, you can see all of your submissions for that specific Pitch Request


If your Pitch is accepted, the resulting Task will have a link back to your original Pitch to help you write your article!

Finally, you can review all the Open (active) or Closed (inactive Pitch Requests) you’ve been assigned in the Pitch Manager tab

Please become familiar with this workflow so when your clients send you your first Pitch Manager Pitch Request, you're familiar with the process!


NewsCred Team


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