Content Explorer Quick Guide


1. Keyword Search

Enter a search term to return articles containing those terms. If you add "your term in quotes," it will return articles with that exact phrase. Without quotes, it'll return articles with each of those words, but in no particular order. 

2. Load a Saved Search

When you signed up for NewsCred, we'll set you up with a set of Saved Searches that are designed to return content relevant to your business needs. Click the tray icon to order to select and fire up one of these searches. 

3. Save a Search

You've just put together a masterpiece search using keywords and filters to their fullest extent. Clicking the floppy disk icon will save that search so you can run it again in the future and get tomorrow's batch of articles using the same filters. 

4. Clear All Filters

Returns the search to its blank state, showing all of your available content in reverse chronological order. 

5. Date Range Picker

Filter on a specified a start and end date for when these articles were published. 

6. Sort by Relevance/Date

If you want to see the most recent, sort by Date. If you want your filters to carry more weight, sort by Relevance. 

7. Sources

Filter out your results to a specific source, or leave them all unchecked to show all. 

8, 9, 10. Categories/Languages/Has Images

Filter broadly by category, language, or whether the article contains an image. 

11. Results Found

Displays how many articles were returned from your given set of filters and search terms. 

12. Favorite

If you want to Favorite an article, click the Heart and it will show up in your favorites section for later use. 


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