NewsRoom Self-Service Best Practices

Workflows / Pitches vs Assignments

  • The “Request Pitches” workflow should be used when you don’t have a clear direction and want the writer to propose a couple ideas for the article.
  • The “NewsRoom Article” workflow should be used when either:
  1. you’ve just approved a pitch and you want to open up a task and set a deadline for the writer
  2. you already have an idea/brief in mind and don’t need the writer to pitch


Turnaround times

  • The standard time for an article without original sources is 5 business days. 
  • For an assignment where the writer has to reach out to a source to schedule time to conduct an interview, they should get closer to 10 business days.
  • For any first draft turnarounds under 5 days, we’ll need to charge a rush fee to incentivize the writer
  • Revised drafts are typically submitted by the writers in 2 business days


Word Count

  • If you don’t specify a word count, the writer will probably shoot for around 500-700 words which is our standard short-form length
  • If you feel like the piece should be a bit longer, note it as “Long Form” in the description and/or task title and be sure to let the writer know it should be around 1,000 words. The writer may also propose this if they feel more words are needed.



  • If review is taking longer than 48 hours, try to give the writer an update (via the comment section) to let him/her know when to expect comments. This way the writers can prepare to fit the revisions into their schedules.


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