WordPress Specifics: How Does It Work?

CMP users can link their Wordpress blogs by authenticating their site with their credentials from inside the CMP.
Users need to provide their username, password, and domain path where their Wordpress' xmlrpc.php file lives. If your blog uses http basic auth via .htaccess or other methods, you can provide your http auth information as well. All credentials are AES-256 encrypted.
In order to authenticate an account, we make XML-RPC calls following the Wordpress API spec​. To authenticate and retrieve blog information, we make an initial request to get any blogs associated with the provided credentials and domain via wp.getUsersBlogs. After authenticating an account, users can optionally default all posts from the CMP to a specific author and/or draft post type.
Depending on how a self-host install is configured, making XML-RPC calls may require whitelisting NewsCred IPs. These IPs are provided upon request. 
Tags and Categories
In order to allow for users to set tags, categories, and authors from NewsCred's CMP, we make calls to retrieve this data using the API endpoints specified in the Wordpress spec for retrieving taxonomies and authors.
Post Draft
When publishing in the CMP, users can sync posts via draft before publishing live. This will create a post with a post ID which will be updated on future post syncs, and can be converted to a live post at publish time.
When making posts, using NewsCred's plugin allows for the exchange of additional fields outside of those in the standard wp.getPost response for the purpose of viewing and modifying post permalinks paths along with updating Yoast SEO information. If the NewsCred plugin detects Yoast is installed as a plugin, it will allow for the exchange of Yoast-specific custom fields in order to set various SEO metadata. Yoast uses a variety of custom fields for storing focus keywords and metadata descriptions. When publishing a post, the CMP can optionally provide custom fields that match those used by Yoast in order to allow for syncing of meta descriptions and keywords from CMP.


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