Publishing to Marketo from the CMP

Now that you've synced and set up your Marketo templates, let's go over how to publish articles as snippets. 

  1. Find an existing task that has a published article and share it, using one of your share workflows.

  2. Click the Marketo icon to bring up the Marketo sharing options. 

    FOLDER: Your snippets are organized into folders. By default it'll send everything into the main folder.

    TEMPLATE: Select which template to use (how to set up templates).

    HEADLINE: Set your headline, edit the blurb, edit/update the image if you need to customize it to the newsletter. 

Setting URL tracking parameters is available as well. If the preview (at the bottom of the post) looks good to you, go ahead and send it to Marketo! 

Once you hit share, this item will be published as a snippet in your Marketo newsletter. 

Once you've created a new email in Marketo, you can right click and do "Replace with Snippet", and pick out the snippet that you just published from CMP. 


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