How To Set Up Marketo Email Templates

Now that you've connected Marketo to CMP, let's set up your email templates and make them dynamic. 

The content from your articles will publish to Marketo as a snippet. Your Marketo newsletter can be made up of one or many snippets. In order to set up the template, we're going to create a dynamic and reusable block of code that will power the snippets. The dynamic sections that will automatically insert your article's content are the Image, Headline, Blurb, and CTA button. 

After syncing your account in the Marketo Settings page, you'll see a large text input area for your snippet template code. 

If you haven't already, head over to Marketo to create a new Snippet. 

Marketo > Design Studio > Templates

Paste in your existing HTML code into the template field in CMP.

Next apply the mktEditable class to the table tag.  The table tag will look something like this (note the mktEditable class, which you will have to add in): 

<table border="0" width="100" class="mktEditable">

Now let's make this code dynamic. Since you already have the headline, image, blurb, and CTA hardcoded, let's swap them out for the variables. 


It's a very simple process, all you have to do is highlight the Headline copy, and then click the $(headline) link on the right side. Doing that will replace the headline with the variable. Repeat this for the blurb, image URL, and click through URL. 

Now you're totally configured! It's time to get started with Publishing to Marketo

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