How to Set Up CMC to Publish to Marketo

Finally! An automated way to send content from your site to Marketo. Let's get it set up. (If you've already synced Marketo to CMC, follow these steps to configure your email templates.)

First, navigate to the Marketo Settings page in NewsCred. The goal of this setup process is to find these three fields in Marketo and get it synced. 


Client ID, Client Secret

These are the steps to get your Client ID and Client Secret from the Marketo Admin. 

  1. Navigate to Admin > Users & Roles.
  2. Roles > New Role
  3. Create New Role
  4. Name the Roles
    - Role Name: API Role
    - Description: Some Description
    - Permissions: [x] Access API

  5. Create new API User and invite the new user.
  6. Roles > Users
  7. Invite New User
    Make sure to check off: API Only & API Role

  8. Now Navigate to LaunchPoint
  9. Installed Services
  10. New > New Service
    API Only User: select the email address for the api user you just created

 View Details in order to get the Client ID and Client Secret

 Congratulations, you've completed the bulk of the setup. 

Now let's grab the Base URL and finish this up. 

Navigate to Webservices and copy the value for Endpoint. 


 Now let's go back to the CMC. 

Paste in the Client ID, Client Secret, and Base URL. (note: for the base url, do not paste the /rest. Remove that and just paste this part:


That's it! Now your Marketo Account is connect. Now that you're connected, these are the steps to format your email templates in CMC

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