How does NewsCred calculate how many times my links were shared on social?

Content marketers need to know how popular their content is, and a great way to measure that is by reporting on the number of social shares their content is getting.  In order to accurately measure those numbers, we need to break down what goes into sharing. 

What is considered a share?

A share is any action (like, comment, etc) that gets your content into someone else's newsfeed. Shares aren't limited to someone manually posting a link in an update, instead shares are considered any action that puts a post into the social news feed of their audience. 

How does calculating shares actually work? 

In order to calculate how many times a link was shared on social, NewsCred will get that number back directly from a given network's API. The CMP knows the URL of your posts, and will send a request to the social network saying "how many times has this been shared?" The number that we get back will show up in your reports. 

(shares highlighted in green) 

Can I find out how many shares an article had in a given date range? 

No, it will always display the most recent total number of shares. Since NewsCred is using data that comes directly from the source, we're given total shares. 

Note: All of the other data in Insights is specific to a time range. Share data is all time, not a time range. 


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