STOP THE PRESSES! (Cancelling all future CMP posts)

A common request we hear from our clients is to stop all scheduled publishing in the event of an emergency.
Despite these communications being scheduled, we understand that there are situations which may make sharing regularly scheduled programming inappropriate. This feature ensures that communications from the CMP will not go out after pressing it.
The "Disable Publishing" button lives inside of organization settings, and will clearly show everyone in the instance that communications are currently disabled via a fixed red banner at the top of the screen. 

Any post that attempts to be published during the period in which publishing is disabled will fail and be labeled as a failure inside of the task details screen. It's also important to note that facebook posts that are scheduled via the CMP are synced with the facebook scheduler, so if you have scheduled facebook posts in the CMP, we'll list them out so they can remove them from the scheduler natively rather than deleting them. This is only the case with posts for facebook that have already been scheduled.
In order to republish content, we encourage customers to reach out to us at The app is still fully functioning (with the exception of publishing) when you click "Disable Publishing", and any scheduled posts can be rescheduled. Additionally, when clicking the disable publishing button, our support team will be notified  and will reach out.
Here's a gif of the feature in action:


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