How to Approve Content Without Access to the CMP

If your team has members who aren't responsible for creating and publishing content in the CMP, but they still need the ability to approve it, we've got you covered. These teammates are called "Approvers".

What does an Approver do?

They are there to approve content, they don't have to worry about all of the other functions that content marketers do.  

When the Approver logs in, all they can see is the calendar along with managing their own tasks list, notifications, and settings. Approvers cannot see any additional details on these items when they hover over them. You'll notice approvers also cannot create tasks, events, or stories since they don't have access to "Create New."

How do you make a team member an Approver?

An admin can set up an Approver by going to Settings > Users and clicking on the member role next to the user's name (outlined in red in below image), and choosing "Approver".



How will this work for the Approvers?

An Approver will get an email telling them a task has been assigned to them. It won't reveal any information about who completed their work, and they cannot be mentioned in comments. 

The external approver can go into the task, read the content, and either Approve or Send Back the article. 

If the approver Approves, everything moves along normally. If the approver decides to send back, it returns to the previous step for the content to be reworked.

The content will be hidden from the approver until it's back to his or hers step in the workflow. 



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