Ingesting Content into the NewsCred Platform

If you have previously posted content and would like these articles available in the CMP, our team can work to ingest that content and make it available. You will need to reach out to your Client Development Manager about the pricing/availability.

When ingesting a feed of content, we will need the following information:


  1. What would you like the source name to be?
    We will attach this source name to all of your articles and it will show up when you publish these articles.
  2. Are there images within each article?
  3. Is there javascript based media within the articles?
    For example, some articles have image-sliders that are javascript based. This also includes Youtube, Soundcloud, and Tweet embeds.
  4. Will the articles need to have the content altered in anyway once they are brought into the NewsCred platform? 
    For example, in some articles there is promotional copy in the bottom of the article that needs to be removed.
  5. Will there be an author associated with each article?
  6. Will the link to the original article be provided with each article?
  7. Is there a publishing date and time associated with each article? Is this provided in UTC or local time?


  1. What is the preferred method of delivery for these articles?
    Standard ingestions using a web-hosted RSS feed. We can also accommodate XML and JSON feeds or an FTP delivery.


  1. How many articles per day will be provided on average?
  2. Will the ingestion be a one-time ingestion or ongoing?
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