Publishing a Facebook Native Video

Allow NewsCred CMP to publish to your Facebook Page

Before posting a video to Facebook using the CMP, you first need to Connect Your Facebook Account

Set up a Workflow for publishing social content

You likely already have workflows that include social posts. These same workflows can be used to publish content to YouTube. However, if you want to create a YouTube-specific workflow then take a look at this walkthrough for creating workflows.

Posting Video to Facebook

  1. Click the Facebook Icon and select the channel to which you would like to publish

  2. Click the video icon

  3. Select the video from your video assets in the CMP, or upload a video. Then select "Add Video"

  4. Enter a comment

  5. Now that you have chosed a video and a comment, click share to publish your video to your Facebook Page

Measuring the performance of your Videos

After videos are published, their performance can be seen in Analytics. Click Analytics on the left hand nav bar in CMP, and filtering by Channel -> Social to see how well they are performing.

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