Your New CMP Navigation Toolbar!

Hi! You may have noticed some big changes taking place in the CMP, especially with regards to the navigation/toolbar now situated nicely across the top of the application.  

We will continue to update this page with information on all of the new changes, so be sure to check back if you see something new! 

  1. The name of the instances/organizations you are in appears next to its icon on the top left. You can click this to switch instances/organizations.

   2. The button has been moved from the sidebar to the global header, which you can find right next to the search bar. 



 3. The "My Tasks" button   and the notification button  are on the global header. Your notifications and tasks are listed individually and slides out from the right when cclicked                              



   4. The "Settings" and "Log Out" buttons can be accessed via a dropdown by clicking your avatar on the far right of the global header, and the icon has the user's initials on it as identification. The number of options in the dropdown will vary depending on the role of the user. An admin will see all the options shown below. 


The navigation links (Dashboard, Content, etc) and list of campaigns remain on the lefthand side. We've replaced the slide out effect that happened when hovering over the left sidebar with tooltips that show up when you hover over individual items.  
Let us know what you think! Shoot us an email and we'll be sure to get back to you ASAP. 
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