Publish to Tumblr from the CMP

Tumblr has a variety of built-in post formats that you can advantage directly from the CMP. The CMP works in concert with these post formats allowing your content to take shape of your desired post format. 

Here's a breakdown of how to post to each format via the CMP. 

Text Post

In order to create a Text Post on Tumblr, follow the steps below

  • Select your Website Destination:

  • Pick out your Tumblr Blog. Once that has been selected, you can use the CMP Editor to compose your post just as you would on Tumblr.

Please note that in order to have an image show up on Tumblr, you will have to add it via the content editor instead of adding it as a featured image. 


Video Post

The same steps apply to Video Post as publishing a Text Post to Tumblr, except when you are in the text editor, you can embed the image.


This button will allow you to embed a video from your YouTube channel if you have it synced with the CMP. 

If you want to add a video from the web, you can click the HTML button and paste the embed code to publish the video. 


Photo Post

When creating a Photo Post to Tumblr, follow the steps below:

  • Create a task in CMP
  • Choose Quick Share
  • Select Image and choose Tumblr as the social destination
  • Share






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