Licensed Content Modification Rights

Finding content

The CMP will surface any content you are licensing. NewsCred doesn’t get every article published by every provider we work with, so if you think an article should be in your instance but it’s not, email It is not ok to copy/paste an article you find online into CMP, even if you’re licensing the publisher’s content through NewsCred.

If an article references another article or chart, you are not allowed to bring that content into the platform, either.

We encourage you to search deep into our archive because evergreen content published years ago can be quite effective.


Editing content

As a basic rule: you are not allowed to edit the publisher’s content. You can’t alter dates or delete NewsCred’s attribution located at the footer. You can’t delete contextual links that lead to surveys, studies or information supporting the article.

Here are the few reasons you may alter the content:

  • If the headline is too long, you can shorten it, but you can’t change the sentiment.
  • You can delete marketing copy like, “Read more,” Related news,” “Subscribe to the publisher,” promotional links or invites to follow the author on social media.

You can also format the copy with bolds, italics, colors or sizing as you see fit.

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