How To: Search for Images in CMP

CMP allows you to find licensed images and use it for your content marketing. This guide will teach you how to search for the images that will help your content stand out. 
There are two ways of searching for images from within the CMP:
  1. From the marketplace. 
  2. From the pop-up that opens when adding an image to an article that you are publishing. 


From the Marketplace

To select an image from the Marketplace, click on "Marketplace" on the left-hand navigation bar. This will take you to the Marketplace where you can search for licensed content, both articles, and images. By default, the search bar is set to search for articles but this can be changed by clicking on the drop-down and selecting "Images"


Once 'Images' has been selected, you will be taken to a page from which you can select an image. On the left-hand side, you have a side-bar which contains options for filtering the image. 

Filters Explained: 

Sources - You can choose between images from Adobe or from other sources. When 'other sources' is selected, you can further filter by the various sources available. 

Orientation - You can choose whether you want landscape images or portraits. 

Dimension - You can specify the minimum width and height of the images in pixels.

You can also sort the images in two ways:

Date Published - This is the default. Images are shown in order of the date that they were published on. 

Relevance - This sorts the images according to how relevant they are to your search query. 


To search for an image, simply enter your search term into the search bar and click on the search icon. 

If your search term is long and complex, or you have discovered one that works particularly well for you, then you can save it and access it later without having to remember the exact wording. this can be done by clicking on the second icon beside the search bar and then click on the 'Save Search' button. 


Once a search has been saved, you can run the search by first clicking on the icon right next to the search bar and then by selecting one of your saved searches. 


After clicking on an image, you have the option of downloading it, starting a workflow with the image or adding it to 'Favorites'. 


Once an image has been added to 'Favorites', you can find it within the 'Favorites' tab. The 'Favourites' tab is the same as 'Marketplace' but it only contains the images that you have liked. An image search within this tab will only search amongst your favorite images and not all the ones which are available in the Marketplace. 



From Pop-up

Alternatively, you can add featured images to an article that you are publishing. This step occurs after you have started your workflow.

  • By clicking on the change featured image button you will be brought to the image search module.
  • Note: you will have the ability to add a featured image to an article without one, as well as change the featured image associated with an article that already has one.

From the pop-up, you can set the same filters as in the Marketplace to narrow down your search. 

Setting Filters
  1. Search only for images greater than the minimum size that you set here. 
  2. Sort by either relevance or date.
  3. Choose your search field:
    • You have the ability to search the image title or the image description
    • By leaving the field blank or selecting all, both fields will be searched, resulting in a wider range of images.
  4. Filter by the orientation of the image. You can choose between landscape and portrait. 
  5. Filter by source. You can choose a specific source or leave it blank so that images from all sources are presented. 

For further clarification of these parameters, please have a look at the detailed explanation in the first half of this guide. 

You can also fire up a saved search, or save your current search from here, just like in the Marketplace, by clicking on the respective icons that appear in the search bar. 

There are four tabs available: 

  • Licensed Images - Equivalent of searching images in the Marketplace. 
  • Favorites  - Equivalent of searching images from the Favorite tab within Marketplace. 
  • Upload Image  - Upload an image from your hard drive. 
  • My Images - Images that you own and have saved within the CMP Library. 



Best Practices

  1. Be Specific: Don’t just search for “casserole.” If it’s possible, search for “green bean casserole” or add whatever extra information is available
  2. Be Descriptive: Consider the following
    • Texture: Crispy, Flaky, Juicy
    • Angle: Top View, Close Up, Focus
    • Flavor: Sweet, Healthy, Sour, Spicy
    • Location: Table, Beach, Outdoors
    • Events: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Superbowl
    • Photography style: Silhouette, Filter, Vintage
  3. You also have the ability to save image searches, as you would with articles. If you find a search that works particularly well, save it to use during image curation in the future.

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