How To: Search for Images in CMP

There are two main ways to search for images

  1. To do a basic image search that is not attached to an article, navigate to the Content Explorer by clicking on the “Content” compass in the left hand bar. The search default is set to articles. Click on the drop down to choose images.

  2. Alternatively, you can add featured images to any article that you are publishing. This step occurs after you have started your workflow.

    • By clicking on the change featured image button you will be brought to the image search module.
    • Note: you will have the ability to add a featured image to an article without one, as well as change the featured image associated with an article that already has one.

Setting Parameters


  1. Set size parameters if you have size constraints.

  2. You have the ability to sort by relevance or date. Searching the newest images will give

    you the freshest content.

  3. Choose your search field:

    • You have the ability to search the image title or the image description

    • By leaving the field blank or selecting all, both fields will be searched, resulting in a wider range of images.

  4. Filter by image layout - If you always use landscape or portrait images, use this drop down to filter accordingly.

Filter by source:

  • If you are receiving images from more than one source, type in the name of the source in the “Sources” field. After clicking “Search” only the images from the selected sources will surface.

  • You can leave this field blank to surface images from all of the sources you receive.

Best Practices

  1. Be Specific: Don’t just search for “casserole.” If it’s possible, search for “green bean casserole” or add whatever extra information is available
  2. Be Descriptive: Consider the following
      • Texture: Crispy, Flaky, Juicy
      • Angle: Top View, Close Up, Focus
      • Flavor: Sweet, Healthy, Sour, Spicy
      • Location: Table, Beach, Outdoors
      • Events: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Superbowl
      • Photography style: Silhouette, Filter, Vintage
  3. You also have the ability to save image searches, as you would with articles. If you find a search that works particularly well, save it to use during image curation in the future.


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