How to Set Up Teams

Teams are created so multiple users can be responsible for, and assigned to one or more steps within a task workflow.

To set up a team, login to the CMC with a valid user ID and password.  Go to the "teams" page by clicking on the username icon in the upper righthand corner, then selecting "Teams"



Selecting Teams will lead you to the Team Management page where you will have the option to CREATE NEW TEAM.


Hit CREATE NEW TEAM to trigger a popup where you will create a Team name and select members from a list of users within the same instance.


Click the CREATE TEAM button to save your new team. You can edit or delete a team by clicking the Settings icon from the top right corner of each group.


To add users to a team, simply click the ADD USERS box and select the users you wish to add. Similarly, you can remove users by deselecting them.


Hit SAVE CHANGES to apply these settings.

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