Due Dates On Your Workflow Steps

You can assign Due Dates to steps in your workflow!

Note: This is optional. If you don't want to use it, you don't have to! 

Getting Started

From within your task, set the due date


By choosing a Due Date, you are setting a time at which the task is "due" for the User at the step. 


Once a workflow step is "due", a user will receive an  email 24 hours before a task is past it's due date. 

Workflow steps must be:

  • Ordered by time (soonest -> furthest away)
  • Set before the Task Due Date. You can see, and edit, the Task Due Date in the top-right of the task page here:



If you're setting the Task Due Date in the /create space of a task, you may come across this error:

To get rid of this error, set the Task Due Date to a time after the Workflow Step Due Date


Happy Scheduling!

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