Dynamically Resizing Images from the NewsCred API

The NewsCred API passes raw images that can be rendered onto your site, iOS app, newsletter, or wherever you're displaying the content. 
The images can also be sized by our server so that they fit your design specs. You won't worry about having to resize images client side if you include the fitting height and width parameters. If you need to change both the height and the width, we've got you covered. The image won't get skewed or lose the integrity of its aspect ratio. Instead the server will either crop the image or letterbox it to make sure it always looks like the original. 
When your system parses the feed, you can programmatically add the urls: 
large: "https://images4.newscred.com/Zz1lNDA3ZDYxNDFkNTc5MmEwYzljYjU1NTVmNWMzYTQxMw=="

You can take that image URL and append it with this: ?width=600&height=600
For example, the following image is set to a width and height of 500:


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