Publishing to Pinterest from the CMP

 This document details how to connect your Pinterest boards and create pins

Setting up your Pinterest account

If you already have Pinterest boards then connecting Pinterest to your NewsCred account is a simple three-step process.

If you haven’t already created a board on Pinterest, you’ll need to create one before you can start pinning from within NewsCred’s software. Log in to your Pinterest account and create the boards you’d like to publish to.

Connect your Pinterest account to CMP

  1. Follow this link to log in to NewsCred’s software and go to your Settings page:
  2. Scroll down until you see Pinterest
  3. Select ‘Add a Pinterest account’ and enter your login information to give NewsCred permission to publish to Pinterest

Set up a Workflow for publishing social content

You likely already have workflows that include social posts. These same workflows can be used to publish content to Pinterest. However, if you want to create a Pinterest-specific workflow then take a look at this walkthrough for creating workflows.

Pinning Great Content from CMP

Click on the Pinterest logo to select the Board you want to publish to.

Formatting your Pin

Pinning an article

If you create a pin with a selected article, the image, description, and source URL field will be automatically populated with the article content. The image will pull the featured image from the article, the description will pull the article’s first paragraph, and source URL will link to the original article (on the publisher’s site if you’re pinning a licensed article). Of course, you can still edit all of these fields.

Pin images can be edited using the Image Editor, Pins can be scheduled for future publishing, and multiple Pins can be created in a single task – a good thing because Pinterest recommends 5 posts per day for optimal performance. 

Pinterest Tips

Pins include three elements, an image, description, and link to the original site the item was pinned from. Dan Zarella analyzed over 11,000 pins and created an infographic of his findings on his blog, The Social Media Scientist.

Here are some tips from his blog to keep in mind while you are creating your pins. Full blog post here: 

Choosing an image


Taller images tend to get repinned more often.

Take advantage of NewsCred’s image library to search stock images and existing assets or upload an original image from your computer. 

Description and Link

  • Prioritize clarity over cleverness in your description.
  • Descriptions between 200 - 310 characters perform best.
  • Make sure your pins link to a useful and relevant website.  


Publishing Tips

Try posting on Friday at 3PM ET to get more repins.

A HubSpot created an infographic detailing the best time to post to respective social channels. The study revealed that content pinned on Fridays at 3PM ET receives more repins. Read the full post here: 

Consistency trumps perfect timing on Pinterest. 

Think about your cadence. On the low end of the scale, try shoot for five pins a day. If you have more content, then perhaps go up to 20 pins per day. The best results are from 15 - 30 pins per day.


Measuring the performance of your Pins

After Pins are published, their performance can be seen (Repins and  Likes) can be seen in Social Insights and on the Dashboard. Click INSIGHTS on the left hand nav bar in CMP. 


Happy Pinning!



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