CMP WordPress SEO Plugin

CMP offers a feature to improve the SEO of your articles when publishing to a WordPress website. When this feature is activated, you'll be able to control the metadata for each article.

Metadata includes

  • Permalink structure 
  • Keywords
  • SEO title
  • Meta description 

If you're familiar with Yoast, this feature is going to look very familiar. Below the screenshot is a walkthrough of what it does and how it works. 



Getting Started with WordPress SEO

In order to activate this feature, the 'NewsCred CMC' plugin has to be installed on your WordPress site. That plugin is available here:

When you're publishing to WordPres from the CMP (and that plugin is installed on your site), you'll have the option to Post a Draft.

Posting a draft of your article from CMP to WordPress will activate the SEO features illustrated in the screenshot.

Feature Walkthrough  

1. Activate the SEO feature for the article by posting the draft. 

2. You can change the permalink structure of the article to make it something friendlier for people to click on. 

3. This is a passive function, you don't have to configure anything here. It shows you a preview of how the post will look in Google's search results. 

4. Adjust the meta keyword (it'll give you a score based on the relevancy of the keyword). 

5. Update the SEO title. It's prepopulated with the Article title, but you have the freedom to change it to something else if you need to.

6. Update the meta description. It will pull the first paragraph of your article, but if you want to change it around you have the freedom to do so. 


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