Requesting pitches from a writer

Here is a quick video tutorial on how to open up a pitch request task:


The steps are outlined in detail below:

1. Click the blue “Create New” button toward the top left of the screen. From the drop-down list, choose the “Pitch Request” workflow. This will take you to the Task Creation page, seen below.



2. Task Title— enter in something that will make it easily identifiable in your task manager and calendar (ex: “Pitch Request - Grace - October”) 

3. Task Description — type (or paste) in a description of what you’re looking for from the writer. Please be as detailed as possible with your request. Here are some helpful things to consider when requesting pitches from your writer:

  • How many pitches are you looking for?
  • What is your objective for this round of content?
  • Is the writer clear on the target audience or persona you’re looking to reach?
  • Have you established the tone of voice, and if the writer will be getting a byline or not?
  • Are there any existing sources or reference material you’d like the writer to have in mind? If so, have you explained how you’d like the writer to utilize these resources in their pitches or articles?
  • Will you want the writer to have original sources for these stories? If so, what kinds of sources do you have in mind? Will you have access to sources or will the writer need to find them? Are there any limitations on who they can talk to?

4. Choose A Campaign — this is not important for pitch requests because the content contained here will not be published anywhere. You can just go with the default option. 

5. Workflow

A. Assign the writer to Step 1 by clicking on the empty circle and selecting their name from the drop-down list.

B. Confirm that the appropriate user or team members are listed in Step 2 (and if not, click on the circle to reassign it).

C. The dates will be pre-populated based on the durations prescribed to this workflow. The standard turnaround for the writer’s step is 2 business days. Feel free to adjust the date for Step 2 or the overall Task Due Date if needed.

6. Once you’ve confirmed everything is filled out properly, hit "Create Task!" You’ll then be taken to the Task Details page. The URL for this page is unique to this particular task and all future notifications will direct you here.


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