Managing the CMP Calendar!

"Planning" Overview


- Filter Toolbar

- Tasks colored as per specific campaigns

- User avatar engraved on tasks

- Initials of Current Step Owner


"Publishing" Overview



- Publish Time stated

- On-hover details tooltip (see below):


you can get more details on your task by hovering over the card!


What Else Is New?

Drag and drop cards in Planning! 

This updates task due date (not yet available on Publishing):


you can now drag and drop your cards in the Planning View to change the due date


Create a task directly on the Calendar!

Click on a day in the planning calendar to create a task. Enter the task title, select a campaign and a workflow. Skip the left side nav and task creation page!



When hovering on channel icon, view the Account Name for the social channel:

hover over the social icon to see which account is being published to

Note: If you are not seeing your tasks in calendar view remember to clear all your filters on the left. If that doesn't work reach support




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