NewsCred CMC Status

The NewsCred Content Marketing Cloud (CMC) currently up and running!

To sign up for the CMC, go here and enter your information.

Once successfully signed up, if you want to log into the CMC for a specific company, you can get access to that CMC instance through any Admin in the instance. "Instance" is the term used for the name of the company or content marketing site in which you publish content through the CMC. For example, "NewsCred Blog" is the instance name for (you guessed it) NewsCred's Insights Blog. 

Another way to get added to an instance is to contact the NewsCred support team and ask them to add you to the instance. Make sure to include the name of the company, and the email you used when signing up for the CMC.

Once you are signed up and added to an instance, log in to the CMC here !

Please contact if you have any questions


NewsCred Team

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