Create custom URL tracking parameters

NewsCred now offers the ability to create custom URL tracking parameters, directly within your social posts. Stop guessing which social channel or, tougher, which variation of a social post drove the most traffic. Instead, leverage our URL tracking feature to create UTM parameters or use your existing custom parameters. 

These allow you to track granular information about your readers and where they came from before visiting a piece of content.  These can be used for lead capturing, advertising campaigns, and referral channels (internal and external domains).  

A URL parameter is a way for website managers to know what is driving traffic to their website.  It lets the website manager track the success of ad, social, email marketing, and many more campaigns.  For instance, click on the two URLs below:
Both of those links take you to the same site.  The difference was that the second link had a bunch of information after the question mark.  That question mark doesn’t change where the link takes you, but it does tell Marketers some really interesting information.
Well…now you can do that within the CMP.  
Any social post with a URL gets a pop-up message that looks like this:
Now, when I add a link, it is automatically converted into a link and then a little message pops-up:

In order to add URL tracking parameters: 
1. Click on that message or the nifty check box below and you’ll see this awesome thingy:
2. We auto-fill the campaign source (social), campaign medium (social channel the link is on), and campaign name (newscred).  You can change these for each post.  This form is specifically targeted at Google Analytics users.  If, however, you use custom UTM parameters, you can click on the check box for "Use custom parameters".  When you click on that check box, the form changes to this:
3.Paste the parameters into this text box, like so:
(those are the same parameters from the original link we had in our email blast link above).  
4. You must click save, and then you get a nice message and your link automatically updates with that new link.  So awesome.
5. All of this functionality comes with any social post tied to an article that we know the URL for.  So if you’re publishing to wordpress or the NewsCred CMS, we know your URL and we’ll let you post a social post with those parameters attached as well.
Until you publish the article, we have a placeholder still for "article url goes here", but then it shows the UTM parameters after that.
Go forth and enjoy the power we’ve given you to modify URLs to your fancy.  Fyi…this works with supported Social channels that are able to resolve links (except for Tumblr).  Tumblr posts may get this functionality in the future.


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