How to Correct a Publishing Failure

When a publishing failure occurs in a task, a red banner will appear at the top of the task saying "Heads up! Some of your content failed to publish!"

The above text might follow with a reason on why the content failed to publish, or a suggestion to contact the Newscred Support team. Under the section titled "Scheduling", the same exclamation point icon will appear next to whichever channel in which the publishing error occurred (instead of the usual green checkmark or blue clock icons) as shown below.


If the reason for the publishing error is not obvious, then contacting the Support team is the best solution. To do contact the Support team, you can either e-mail us at or you can click on the "Support" tab/button, located close to the top-right corner in the CMP and write to us, as depicted below.



When contacting support about a publishing error, please make sure to include the URL of the task that has encountered the publishing error. This can be done by simply copying the URL from the browser when in the task. Providing us with the URL helps the Support Engineers to help debug and ultimately resolve the issue more efficiently. The URL should look something like this:


For more info on using the Supportal for help, see:  Welcome to the Newscred Supportal!

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