NewsCred’s Custom Workflows Walkthrough

What are Custom Workflows?

  • It's new functionality that lets you build a process specific to their organization’s collaboration, approval, and publishing process. 

Who should use Custom Workflows? 

  • Custom workflows are great for anyone who needs to collaborate on their content marketing efforts. For example, if you work with an editorial team or an agency and you want to approve all content before it's published, you can build a custom workflow with a mandatory approval step.

How will they improve the way I work? 

  • Build a collaboration process that is specific to the way your team works.
    • Your account administrator will have complete control to define the number of steps, designate the actions that can be taken in each step, assign steps to teams or users, and define custom fields.  
  • Maintain control and consistency with an enforceable process. 
    • Custom Workflows allow you to pre-define a specific process for each of your marketing activities. Once you define the process, our software will enforce it by limiting individuals or teams to only the actions listed in the step assigned to them.

What if I do not need a Custom Workflow?

  • Clients who may not need to collaborate on tasks can leverage the ‘Single-step Workflows’ available on the Settings page. These workflows enable an individual(s) to complete all the actions needed to publish or share content.  

Watch this video to see (1) how to set up your own custom collaboration workflows, (2) how to set up single step workflows, and (3) how to use your new workflows.

Here are the step-by-step instructions to setting up and using your new workflows. 

How do I set up my own custom workflows?

  • Custom workflows are only accessible to account administrators. To see if you are an account administrator: 



  • Once you’ve confirmed that you’re an Admin, you can now create a custom workflow.
  • If you are not an admin but you need to be then please contact so we can adjust your permissions.  



  • This will open the new workflow page. 



  • Within each step, you can define the actions that can be performed within that step by selecting the actions from the drop down. You can add multiple actions to a step by clicking the “Add Action” button. Remember that people can only perform the specific actions listed within their step. Therefore, if you need more than one person to review and edit content, then simply add the “Write/edit content” action in multiple steps. 



OPTIONAL: You can also add custom fields to individual workflows. For example, you may want to add an Author Name field for your Original Content workflow so that when you export your analytics, you can track performance by content author. 



  • Once you are done building your workflow, just select “Save Workflow” and your new workflow will be ready for use.
  • If you want to create another workflow, simply follow these steps again. 

How do I set up a Single Step Workflow? 

  • Go to the Settings page and follow the below instructions. 



  • This will open the workflow page where you can assign the workflow to an individual or team.



  • Keep in mind that only people assigned to this workflow will be able to use it.  

How do I use the workflows?

  • You can start a workflow from the left-hand navigation pane.  



  • You can also start a workflow from the Content Explorer page. Select an article then “Start Workflow”  



  • Once you have selected your article, choose the exact workflow you would like to use and then click ‘Start Workflow’ to open the ‘Create New Task’ page. To ensure you don't lose your search results or filters, you can also right-click the workflow and choose open in a new tab. 



Who can I contact if I need help?


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