Connect the CMC to your WordPress Account

1) In your browser, navigate to the XML-RPC endpoint of your WordPress account, ie:

2) Verify that the XML-RPC endpoint displays the following text: 

3) Navigate to CMS Account's page in CMC. This is located in the upper-right hand corner drop-down menu.

<imgstyle="border: 1px solid #d3d3d3 ; border-radius: 6px;" src="/hc/en-us/article_attachments/202457396/Screen_Shot_2016-01-12_at_5.29.24_PM.png" alt="" />


 4) Click the 'Connect Account' Button


6) Add your credentials. When entering in the domain, you do not need to append any of the parameters for long (wp-login.php or wp-admin). It should look like the image below.




If you've blocked public access to /xmlrpc.php you will need to whitelist NewsCreds publishing IPs in order for the integration to be successful. These IPs can be provided as needed to resolve this matter so please speak with your Program Manager or Support.

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