Creating a Campaign

Campaigns are necessary for basic organization. Let's get organized!

How to Create a New Campaign.

Frist thing you should know only an Admin can create campaigns. If you are an admin you will see the Campaign option in your settings. 



1) Click on "Campaign" and you will be taken to a page as shown below where you will see an option to create new campaigns. The direct link for the campaign is THIS.

Add a Title and Select the Color of Your First Campaign.

  • Title - Name your campaign depending on how you’re dividing up projects. You may want to set up a test campaign to get used to the Content Marketing Platform.
  • Color - Each campaign will be color coded. We've preselected a palette that is easy on the eyes.



2) Click on  and give your campaign a name and color and click "Save Campaign".




3) The new campaign will be visible in the Campaign section. 



4) After the campaign has been created you will be able to edit access permission. Click on the drop-down on the right side of your campaign and click on. You will be able to put a restriction for your campaign user wise, team wise or even organization wise (Useful if you have child organizations) 




You will also have an option hide your campaign. This will prevent the campaign from showing up on filters (Calander, Content Manager & Analytics) but the tasks associated with this campaign will be visible. 



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