Life Cycle of a Task From Creation through Publishing

Creating a Task

There are three ways to create a task:

  1. Through the "Create Task" button 

    Press the "Create New" button and select a task in the dropdown.


    After the task is selected, the "Create Task" window will pop up.

  2. Through the Calendar page

    Click on an empty space on a day in the calendar:

    Then enter the task title and select the campaign and workflow.

  3. Through a selected article in the Content Explorer

    Press the "Start Workflow" button and select a workflow. Then the window titled "Create New Task" will appear.

The following fields will need to be filled in the "Create New Task" window:

  • Task Title
  • Task Description
  • Campaign
  • Workflow Assignments
  • Task Due Date

After filling in these fields, press "Create Task". 

The details of the task itself can be very different based on the selected workflow. However, the fields that are common in a task include publishing, scheduling, and writing or choosing content. 


If you would like to publish to a WordPress site or Feed, the task should include a publishing step. Depending on how the Content Marketing Cloud is integrated with your website, you will either want to publish to a site or feed. If you are unsure about which you should be posting to, contact your account administrator or your NewsCred Account Manager.

  • Publish to a Site: Wordpress and other CMS solutions will be located within this drop down and this is one way to publish content to your website (the above screenshot shows the menu for Wordpress). Note: When publishing to a WordPress site, CMP and WordPress have a two way communication. CMP pulls your predefined categories and tags directly from WordPress, as well as pushing the article over to WordPress. You can publish now or schedule a post to be published in the future.

  • Publish to a Feed: Feeds are collections of articles that have been published. Feeds can be integrated into other API/CMS integrations.

The website and/or feed is chosen in the dropdown, and the publishing date can be scheduled for a later date, or "on completion". On completion means that the article will be published when the task is completed.

Once the publishing destination is selected and the publishing date is scheduled, the destination and scheduled publishing time are shown at the top of the task under "Scheduling". The blue clock icon represents a task that is yet to be published. Once the article is published, the blue clock turns into a green check mark.

Writing, Selecting, and Editing Content

Depending on the workflow, you will want to eventually write or select content, and possible edit that content. 

The "Find Content" button leads the user to the content explorer, where he or she can browse and select an article to publish. The "Write Content" button opens a text editor where the user can write his or her own content. 

Once content is selected or written, the user will probably want to go back into the article at some point to make edits. Selecting the blue edit button under the "Article" section will open the text editor where the user can edit their article, add a featured image, change the title, etc. The user is also able to see the different versions of the article, which is saved each time the article is edited. Read more about this feature in the Article Versioning document.


Once the edits have been made and the article is ready to publish, the article will publish at its scheduled date, or when the user presses the blue "Publish" button.

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