​Approaches to content marketing vary widely - from the one-person startup marketing team to the large corporate with cross-functional editing and approval processes. CMC’s Teams, Tasks and Workflows are designed to make collaboration as simple and efficient as possible, while making it easy for you to change the way you work at a moment’s notice.

  • What is a workflow? A workflow is a pre-determined process where a piece of work (in our case social or editorial) is passed from the idea all the way through execution. You can assign a workflow to each type of task (writing, publishing, social post or a generic task).
  • Example workflows: Content Creation (task is assigned to an editor who writes the article) → Editorial (article goes to edit for review, where it can either be passed back to the writer or advance down the chain) → Legal (once the editor approves the article, it goes through legal to make sure it’s ok to publish). → Social (distribute the article once it’s published!)
  • Why create a workflow? The workflow in the CMC solves the problem of copy and pasting stories from one person to another, emailing to the legal department for approval, where it will be marked up. It’s all editable within the CMC, so it’s the same article being passed around and evolving as it goes. Each responsible party receives an alert when it’s their turn to contribute, and either approve or pass back for changes.
  • How to create a workflow: To create your own workflow for a given task, click the Settings button (the gear) in the left hand sidebar, then “Workflow”, “Create New Workflow” and give your new Workflow a name.
  • Now it’s time to decide which people or teams are responsible for each step in the workflow. Click on the first step to select the team or colleague who will be assigned to the first step in the workflow. When a step is assigned to a team, each member of that team will be notified when a task becomes available to complete. When creating a task, users will be able to assign team steps to individual members of the assigned team. If there are more steps to be taken in your workflow before completion, repeat the process.
  • Assigning workflows to tasks:  Depending on how tightly you want to control the workflow around each task, you can assign a fixed workflow to each type of task (Publishing, Writing, Social Post and Generic) or allow the task creator to assign a workflow when setting one up. To assign a fixed workflow, hit Settings > Task Types and use the dropdown menus to set the workflow. To keep it flexible, set the Selected Workflow as “None”.
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