Setting up Tasks

The task functionality is a system to schedule, organize and delegate responsibilities to users in the aim of completing a task. 

Task Management in CMP
Assuming you've already set up your workflows, let's dive into the four different types of tasks: Publishing Tasks, Writing Assignments, Social Post Tasks, and Generic Tasks. 

  • Publishing Tasks are the bread and butter of your content marketing efforts - sourcing, editing and publishing a piece of content from Newscred’s library of high quality content. Start a publishing task by selecting a piece of content from the Explorer view.
  • Writing Assignments are used for creating your own content - whether you’re writing think pieces, listicles, or interviews with colleagues and industry influencers, Writing Assignments are how you tell your company’s story.
  • Social Post Tasks are used to plan dedicated posts to your social networks. Use them to announce a new product, ask a question of your fans, or share multimedia content on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.
  • Generic Tasks are designed to be as flexible as possible. Many users don’t assign a dedicated workflow, but rather set them when planning the task. The potential use cases are unlimited, but some examples include hiring a freelance photographer to cover an event, planning next month’s editorial calendar, and changing your brand’s Facebook cover photo.
"Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed."
Maria Montessori
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